Board changes at Australian Pork - Andrew Baxter appointed as new Specialist Director

Australian Pork Limited (APL) has announced the appointment of a new Specialist Director - Mr Andrew Baxter and the reappointment of Producer Directors, Dr Brian Luxford and Mr David Plant at its Annual General Meeting, Thursday 16 November 2017.

The APL Board has appointed Mr Baxter to fill the vacancy created by Specialist Director Mrs Kay Carey. Mrs Carey is retiring in accordance with the rotational requirements of the APL Constitution and was not seeking re-appointment.

APL Chairman, Mr Enzo Allara said it is always an exciting time of year when the Australian pig industry gets together to discuss where the industry is heading and how it is getting there.

“It is important we continue to move forward as an industry, and we are very fortunate to have highly respected individuals involved with our industry and sharing their expertise and skills with us.

“Mr Baxter will provide new insights and experiences that the industry can learn from. His enormous and diverse experience will make him a great asset to the Board and the industry.” Mr Allara said.

Mr Baxter is a leading marketing and communications expert, with experience working on some of Australia’s most visible brand communications campaigns.

“Every industry has different challenges and opportunities. I look forward to working on those that are shaping the Australian pork industry and achieving some positive outcomes for our producers.” Mr Baxter said.

Specialist Director Kay Carey was appointed to the Board in 2006 and announced earlier in 2017 that she would not be seeking re-appointment after her current term expires. On behalf of the Australian pork industry, APL thanks Mrs Carey for her tireless work during her time on the APL Board, particularly her dedication to APL’s marketing efforts.

“Mrs Carey was a great advocate for the consumer in an industry that is moving from being  largely production led to being more consumer driven. She was relentlessly curious of the emerging trends in consumer behaviour and her wisdom when dealing with complex information will be greatly missed.” Mr Allara said.

APL is responsible for enhancing opportunities for the sustainable growth of the Australian pork industry by delivering integrated marketing, innovation and policy services through the pork industry supply chain.